Amazon Seller Account Suspension Reasons

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Amazon Seller Account Suspension

Amazon seller account suspension: Who doesn’t like shortcuts? Well, considering the enormous competition on Amazon, I believe I would. There are so many sellers from different spaces selling similar stuff on Amazon.

It becomes a little difficult for several sellers to rank their product offerings at the top in this situation. But does it mean one should take shortcuts? Well, that is a question to think about. amazon seller account suspension

There have been times when sellers have tried to trick the system on Amazon. And, there have been times when they have been successful. But of course not always. Once caught, it has led to Amazon seller suspension. And trust me, getting an amazon seller account suspension and because of all the wrong reasons has led to a permanent ban of the account on the platform for many.

Therefore, if you are someone new to the system trying to make it early on the platform, please beware you don’t take the shortcut. This is the reason why companies like us came into formation( i.e. APlus Global Ecommerce). We are not cutting our business. Instead, we are trying to tell the fact that it can lead to situations where even companies like ours may not help you. And we are professionals !!!

To know the list of dirty tricks on Amazon that can lead to amazon seller account suspension, read down below.

List of Dirty Tricks on Amazon

Below is a list of some of the most common ways Amazon sellers try to trick the system. You must pay attention to these. Although not with the intent of using them. Instead, it is essential to abstain from them as much as possible.

If someone has told you that it worked for them, trust me, sooner or later, the Amazon AI will catch hold. Remember, it is easy to justify yourself when you are not on the wrong side of the spectrum.

Fake Reviews

Right now, Amazon is not suspending Amazon sellers for posting fake reviews; they are using them. It has been reported that by 2015, about 1000 sellers from both the U.S and abroad have been sued by the company.

Why is Amazon doing so? It is the most credible way for any Amazon customer to figure out the quality of a product listing. Amazon takes a quality over everything, and to maintain its customer base, make sure that its customer gets the best.

A lot of Amazon sellers post fake good reviews on their products. This results in a higher rating of their product. And, therefore, most of the time, they end up getting their account suspended. Why? First and foremost, if you are posting great reviews from your side and there are Amazon customers who are not doing so, this already creates suspicion. Other than that, it puts other Amazon sellers at a disadvantage who are offering better services. Therefore, you mustn’t do so.

Degrading Competitor’s Listing

There are plenty of ways to do so. One of them would be to do the exact opposite of the previous topic. Yes, Amazon sellers have also been posting fake reviews on competitor’s products listing. This creates a negative perception and also decreases its overall rating. This is a grave mistake by whosoever doing this. It puts both Amazon and your competitor against you. And no one would want two enemies at once.

It has also been reported that a lot of sellers have replaced good quality images of their competitors with poor quality ones. This can be done if you request the platform for a better one and could be done by you as a contributor. Please abstain from this because if you get caught, no Amazon Appeal letter or Amazon appeal service can help you in this.

Laundering Data from Amazon Employees

Amazon takes a decent look at all possible and plausible frauds on their platform. One of which is laundering or manipulating data with the help of Amazon employees. These kinds of incidents have been reported in China the most. Here, the seller would contact the employees using WeChat and offer them money ranging from $80 to $2000 or more.

These Amazon employees either provide personal data of the competition. Or would delete or manipulate the negative reviews on the seller account. As per Amazon, if they find any of their employees doing such, then he/she is instantly terminated. Other than that, the sellers are involved in this kind of fraud. Well, they can be dealt with with the removal of reviews, withholding accounts, amazon seller account suspension, and even legal actions.

Multiple Seller Accounts on Amazon

Having multiple seller accounts on Amazon is strictly prohibited. If you don’t wish to frame an Amazon Appeal Letter, then I must suggest you not to try it. Your credentials are anyway going to match your existing account. And, the Amazon algorithm is capable enough to pick it sooner or later.

A lot of sellers have got suspended because of the same issue. It may not sound that serious but having your account suspended means losing business for a couple of days. And frankly speaking, no one wants to lose out on money. Also, this is the time. One can offer excellent service and get decent reviews, ratings, and praise in return. And, this substantially affects your ranking on the platform.

Although, if you still wish to do so, then you need to seek permission from Amazon. Also, it would help if you backed it up with a decent reason. To know more, click on the link here.

Dropshipping on Amazon

Suppose I tell you that Amazon lets you dropship, but then why do people get suspended for that. Well, to learn how to dropship correctly, click on the link here. To reach the root of the problem, it is essential to understand what dropshipping is. Dropshipping is a method to fulfill the retail needs of a customer. Often, the seller doesn’t keep the product in their stock. They purchase a particular product from a third-party retailer and ship it directly to the customer.

Well, it is allowed if and only if the invoices provided and every document is under your wing. In times of shortage, many people order products from eBay or other websites and ship them directly to their customers on Amazon. This makes them the mediator and not the sole provider of that purchase. Therefore, this makes replacement and refunds in times of need difficult(for the customer). This is the reason Amazon allows dropshipping but with certain conditions and additional fees.

Manipulation of Amazon Product Ranking

Two of the most common ways of manipulating product ranking have been mentioned earlier. There are others as well. Although, the moral of the story is, don’t do that. If Amazon catches hold of your nefarious activities against your competition, you are bound to get your amazon seller account suspended.

Selling Counterfeit Items

This situation is prevalent in countries like China, India, Nigeria, etc. There are loads of Amazon sellers who sell counterfeit items to their customers. This can be done for several reasons. For instance:

  • lets you sell stuff a lot cheaper(compared to your competitor, making you an ideal choice, yet what you are selling is not authentic).
  • It improves your ranking as a seller.
  • lets you garner more profits if the product is sold at the same price as a genuine one.

Although, if you see, then this is in direct violation of Amazon policies. So, it is our humble not to try this for any reason whatsoever.

People must try to take shortcuts. This happens and is of no surprise, considering the vast competition. However, there are no secrets to success. And, there is nothing like easy money.

There is always a risk at the bargain. It is possible to boost your sales, and we can help you do it. Although in essence, we are an Amazon Appeal Service. This means, if you have a suspended Amazon seller account, then we can help you get reinstated. We are APlus Global E-commerce, and we aim to provide a smooth business experience to all our clients on Amazon.

We hope this article may have provided some insight to you regarding the topic. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.


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