How We Successfully Resolved an Amazon Account Deactivation Due to Intellectual Property Infringement and Released $144,000 From Expenses



Running a successful Amazon business involves much more than just listing products and waiting for sales. Sellers often face significant challenges, one of which is account deactivation due to Intellectual Property trademark infringement. This situation can be daunting, leaving sellers with suspended accounts and held funds. At Aplus Global Ecommerce, we specialize in resolving such complex issues. In this blog post, we’ll share a detailed case study on how we successfully reactivated a client’s Amazon account that was deactivated due to IP trademark infringement, and the available balance of $144,000 was put into expenses. We will provide comprehensive tips on handling Amazon account deactivations.

Understanding IP Trademark Infringement on Amazon

Intellectual Property (IP) trademark infringement occurs when a seller’s product listings allegedly violate the trademark rights of another brand. This can happen for several reasons, including:

  • Listing counterfeit or unauthorized products
  • Using brand names, logos, or images without permission
  • Misrepresenting a brand’s products

When Amazon detects potential IP trademark infringement, it may deactivate the seller’s account to protect consumers and uphold marketplace integrity. This can result in significant financial and operational setbacks for the seller.


Case Study: The Challenge


Client Background

Our client, a successful Amazon seller, faced a severe challenge when their account was deactivated due to multiple IP trademark infringement claims. For over a year, they struggled to reactivate their account, which severely impacted their business. Compounding the issue was Amazon’s decision to place over $144,000 into expenses, making it inaccessible to the client.

Initial Steps and Challenges


Account Deactivation

Amazon deactivated the client’s account due to multiple alleged IP trademark
infringements. This deactivation resulted in a suspension of selling privileges,
also they put a hold on funds, over $144,000 into expenses.

First Appeal

We immediately prepared and submitted an initial appeal to Amazon. This appeal included the necessary documentation and a clear explanation of the situation. However, as often happens in these cases, Amazon rejected the initial appeal, requesting more detailed information.

Detailed Appeal Preparation

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, we knew that our next step had to be more thorough. Our team conducted a detailed analysis of the IP infringement claims and gathered all supporting documents. We then crafted a compelling appeal letter that addressed all the root causes and outlined the steps taken to resolve the issues.

Second Appeal Submission

With a comprehensive package prepared, we submitted our second appeal to Amazon. This appeal addressed all of Amazon’s concerns and included additional evidence to support our client’s case. Unfortunately, Amazon responded with requests for further clarification and additional documentation.

Final Appeal Submission

Amazon’s feedback on a phone call with the account health team provided us with valuable insights into their concerns. We meticulously prepared a final, detailed appeal that included comprehensive documentation and clear explanations addressing all of Amazon’s issues. This step was crucial in demonstrating our commitment to resolving the matter professionally.

Account Reactivation

Our efforts paid off when Amazon accepted our final appeal, and the client’s account was reactivated. However, while the account reactivation was a significant victory, the funds held in expenses were not immediately released. This meant that while the client could resume their business operations, they still faced financial constraints.


The Challenge of Releasing Funds from Expenses


Persistent Efforts

Confident in our abilities, we embarked on the challenging process of getting the funds released from the expenses. This process was far from straightforward and required three months of relentless effort. If the funds had been on hold within the account, they would have been released immediately. However, categorizing them as expenses presented additional hurdles.

Strategic Communication

Over the next three months, our team consistently called Amazon and opened multiple cases. We explained the situation repeatedly to different levels of the seller support team and experienced our case being transferred multiple times within Amazon’s support structure. Our unwavering patience and undetermined commitment were key factors in our success.

Success in Releasing Funds

Finally, after three months of persistent efforts, including staying in constant touch with seller support and submitting multiple appeals, we received the breakthrough we were working towards. Amazon accepted our appeal and informed us that the funds would be disbursed within 3-5 days. Three days later, we received confirmation that the amount of over $144,000 had been successfully transferred.

Client Satisfaction

Both we and our client were extremely excited and relieved. Throughout this process, we worked closely together, navigating each challenge with patience and commitment. Although the account was reactivated in just 14 days, it took us three months to successfully release the funds, marking a significant achievement in restoring our client’s business operations.


This case study showcases our expertise in resolving complex Amazon account issues. Initially deactivated for over a year with a financial hold exceeding $144,000, we successfully reactivated the account within 14 days. However, the process to release the funds from expenses took an additional three months of persistent effort, including multiple appeals and extensive communication with Amazon. Our commitment and patience ultimately paid off when the funds were successfully disbursed, marking a significant achievement in restoring our client’s business operations and financial stability.

Insights and Learnings

Resolving Amazon account deactivation due to IP trademark infringement is no small feat. This case underscores the importance of a strategic approach, meticulous documentation, and relentless follow-up. Here are some key insights and learnings from this experience:

Importance of Detailed Documentation

Providing Amazon with detailed and comprehensive documentation is crucial. This includes gathering all relevant documents, creating a clear and compelling appeal letter, and addressing all of Amazon’s concerns. Detailed documentation demonstrates professionalism and a commitment to resolving the issue.

Persistence Pays Off

Persistence is key when dealing with Amazon’s support structure. Consistently following up, explaining the situation repeatedly, and opening multiple cases are essential steps in navigating the complexities of the appeals process. Our unwavering patience and undetermined commitment were instrumental in our success.

Strategic Communication

Strategic communication with Amazon’s seller support team is vital. This involves staying in constant touch, providing clear explanations, and addressing any additional requirements promptly. Effective communication ensures that Amazon understands the situation and can take appropriate action.


Resolving Amazon account deactivation due to IP trademark infringement requires a strategic and persistent approach. This case study highlights our expertise in navigating these challenges and successfully reactivating accounts. Through detailed documentation, relentless follow-up, and strategic communication, we were able to restore our client’s business operations and financial stability. Our commitment to our clients and our determination to achieve successful outcomes set us apart in the field of Amazon seller support.

Final Thoughts

If you are facing similar challenges with your Amazon seller account, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of the appeals process and achieve successful outcomes. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in resolving your Amazon account issues and restoring your business operations.













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