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Knowing the cause of account suspension is the first step towards getting the account restarted. Detecting the problem requires expert knowledge of the field. Our Seller account specialists will help you to find the root cause of your suspension and explain how we can help you to write a perfect Amazon Appeal Letter. Contact us now and get your Appeal  ASAP.

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How can I prevent this suspension from happening in the future?

You need to think carefully about it that how you will prevent this from happening again in future. Amazon will expect that you should execute any action plans and at times they will just restore your Amazon Seller Account once you can demonstrate that you have carried out your activity plan.

If you need assistance appealing your Amazon seller account, or on the other hand if you’d like to see what your odds of reinstatement are, we can help. Talk with one of our representatives to hear a free consultation and expert opinion about your case.

We can also help you in appealing if your listing is deactivated and in case of policy violations that may be affecting your account health! Chat with one of our customer care representatives to get a free consultation.

get your Suspended Amazon Account Reinstated within 24 hours

While it takes a moment to have your amazon seller account suspended, getting the account reinstated can be a time-consuming process. Sometimes, this time gets extended due to some mistakes here and there done by the seller because of various reasons such as non-clarity in policies of Amazon, not being able to detect the issue behind Amazon account suspension, or not being able to write a clear cut and professional Amazon suspension appeal letter. We understand these problems better than anyone and that is why we guarantee quality service in the fastest possible time. 

Aplus Global eCommerce is a one-stop solution for a full-fledged resolution of your Appeal needs and more. The time can range from 24 hours to 72 hours depending on the complexity of the problem.

Amazon Appeal Letter

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Unsuspend my Amazon account?

Hiring someone is ideal yet you can pay attention to the notification sent by Amazon, and come up with a Plan of Action. These are the core ingredients of a decent appeal.

How long does it take to write a suspension appeal letter?

The shortest time it takes to write an appeal  is 24 hours. This period can increase to 3-4 business days as per the details of a particular suspended amazon account and the kind of service requested by the seller.

What can you do to reinstate my Amazon Seller Account?

There are various services and packages we provide to reinstate an Amazon seller account. We provide consultancy, amazon appeal letter submission and follow up services; depending upon the kind of package you select.

Have you already worked on Amazon Seller suspension cases?

Yes, we have worked with a plethora of different cases related to Amazon Account Suspension. Also, we have a team of veterans from this field.

What if Amazon requests more information?

We handle the appeal until it has reached its goal- that is reinstatement. After charging you just once, we work on each little step of the process until all the issues have been resolved.

Is account’s reinstatement guaranteed?

we, as a partner, provide the best analysis and appeal for reinstatement of the suspended amazon seller account. We can not, however, control the factors from Amazon’s end and account’s reinstatement is not 100% guaranteed. Yet, we have maintained a success rate of more than 98% till now.

Do we offer a money back guarantee?

We ideally don’t entertain money-back yet there can be novel conditions where we consider it. For more info read our refund policies.

What is your success rate n regards to Amazon Appeal Service?

Thankfully, Till now we have maintained a success rate higher or equivalent to 98%. We have been doing great and also have a 90% customer retention rate because of customer satisfaction.

Amazon Appeal Letter reviews
Dejah Stewart
Dejah Stewart
01:11 13 Jun 21
My Amazon seller account was deactivated, so I contacted A Plus Global Amazon to help me write a plan of action to appeal the deactivation.The appeal they wrote for me was thorough, long... personalized to my account and addressed specific issues I had been experiencing before my deactivation.Overall, an excellent experience, they were responsive and walked me through the process to getting my account reactivated.I just got activated two days ago! So their services definitely work!read more
Alden Baluyut
Alden Baluyut
01:00 13 Jun 21
After coming up with my own appeal, I send 4-5 POA and no luck. I was literally thinking about making a new Amazon account since I could not get my account back. Mind you, I still have funds locked... up with Amazon and they would not reply to any of my appeals. (with the email saying, "We may not respond to further emails about this issue").After, getting a recommendation from someone that have used this company I decided to go with them. I took a risk and said it's either I pay them and get my account back up and running and also have my funds back or I pay them and lose money and lose also my account with the funds.After 2 months of being suspended I paid this company to help me get my account back. They literally submit a POA and the next day I got an email saying "Your Amazon account is now reactivated"A job well done and I definitely RECOMMEND Aplus Global!If you want your account reinstated or reactivated, don't make the same mistake I did. Get a professional to write a POA for more
09:27 29 May 21
They're good at what they do. I utilized them to help get my Amazon seller account reactivated, and it did take a while, but they never give up on an account. They wrote appeals for me until I was... reactivated. My reactivation took about 2 and a half months, but I have a friend that used this service as well and got his account back in just a couple days. Highly recommend!read more
Kim Ngan
Kim Ngan
08:26 05 May 21
I am so happy to work with them. Very fast service and their appeal letter is amazing. These guys know what amazon want. Thank you!!
Mary Grace Landingin
Mary Grace Landingin
11:07 03 May 21
I have worked with this company more then 100 accounts and they reinstate most of them. They are very good Appeal letter service provide in in short. I will continue working with them.
yash tolambiya
yash tolambiya
06:17 03 May 21
Hello! I want to tell you: My account has been reactivated! Thank you very much for your help! I will remember you.
Robert Godinez
Robert Godinez
19:24 17 Apr 21
Best in the business. After hiring their service and observing what they did for my account. I have to say I believe there is nothing they can't solve. Recommend them to anyone having problems with... seller account. Quick action takers and extremely fast results!read more
EJ Odulio
EJ Odulio
23:34 09 Apr 21
I would recommend this company to write any Amazon Appeal Letters as they know what Amazon is looking for. I did research on other companies and choose this one since they made time to talk to me... about my account. I really thought I would have to wait 90+ plus days to get me funds release and have my account suspended for good. Thank you APlusGlobal for writing my appeal letter quickly and professionally. I highly suggest hiring a professional the first time you appeal your case. This company helped me get my account reactivated the same day I appealed my account with their appeal letter. Which was personalized to my case. Thank you for a great job!read more
Ron Ram
Ron Ram
05:02 07 Mar 21
People @ APlus Global Ecommerce are really great and helpful. Got a full account checkup and even got substantial insight from them regarding the changes that need to be made. And guess what, it... improved my sales tooread more
Sal Mic
Sal Mic
04:58 07 Mar 21
APlus Global Ecommerce is a great service provider for Amazon appeal service. I got my account reinstated within 72 hrs of the ban.
Malak Abdullah Khan
Malak Abdullah Khan
15:58 06 Mar 21
APlus Global Ecommerce Delivered in 2 hours and reinstated by Amazon right away. Absolutely the best. Worth every penny. My advise is don’t look at the price tag if you want results.His work is just... perfect. After buying the communication is fast, I had the document within 2 hours and the acoount was released in less than 24 hours. I had the account blocked for more than 5 months. I highly recommend more
cricket funda
cricket funda
18:21 16 Feb 21
Got my account reinstated in less than 24 hours , i will recommend him to anybody , stop overpaying people and go with ivory hes the best at doing appeals ! Thank you so much
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