Amazon Seller Suspension Prevention

Suspension Prevention

Seller Suspension Prevention

They say prevention is better than cure same in this field for suspension prevention.. Sometimes, Amazon seller account suspension is not a result of one mistake but a result of cumulative errors over a period. Business owners keep practicing the methods of the trade that are harming the health of the account in a slow progression. The businessman realizes this too late, that is, when the account is suspended. When an account is suspended, the seller is overwhelmed with the number of issues involved, and the resolution of the issues becomes an arduous task. The best way to not let this happen is to be aware of the seller account policies and doing the business per the policies. Why wait for your account to be suspended only to realize that the suspension could have been avoided by taking some simple precautions? We help you take the necessary steps to prevent the legal and technical hassles followed by an account suspension

Our team takes care of your performance notifications, managing small issues from accumulating that may lead to account suspension.

These issues can be:

  • Inauthentic claim
  • Counterfeit claim
  • Used sold as new
  • IP/Counterfeit infringement
  • Trademark infringement
  • Copyright infringement
  • Misusing ASIN variations
  • Late shipment rate
  • Order defect rate
  • FBA warnings
  • Low tracking rate
  • Late shipping rate
  • Restricted product removal
  • The Not matching product detail page
  • Invoices not meeting date requirements
  • Safety complaints
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