Amazon Suspension Appeal

amazon suspension appeal

Do's & Don’ts After Amazon Seller Account Suspension

Amazon for online vendors is the holy mecca. And, it goes the same for the customers as well. There are so many different categories and products that one can buy. Although, with the increasing numbers of sellers on the platform providing great products, the number of Amazon suspension appeals also increased.

This happened because the quality of products on the platform decreased and the number of unhappy customers increased. To make sure that Amazon customers get the best stuff online, Amazon tries to have quality sellers. Amazon does this by imposing policies over the sellers on the platform. And, if it isn’t played right by them then they suspend their account. It is a common occurrence and we are a company who help people in such need.

Although, if you are new to this topic then I would advise you to read down below more about Amazon suspension appeal, and how we help people with suspended seller accounts.

What does Amazon Account Suspension mean?

With the growing number, there have been more and more incidents of Amazon seller suspension. Ideally, there can be three conditions through which an Amazon seller might have to go through. These are:

  • Suspension: If your account is suspended that means you can make an Amazon suspension Appeal. This surely means that you need to come up with a plan of action.
  • Denied: This means that the seller has made an Amazon suspension appeal but it was denied by the authority. In this case, one has to come up with a revised Plan of Action.
  • Banned: This is the point of no return. No suspension appeal can save you if your account has been banned.

An Amazon Suspension can be summed up in the initial two. If your account is suspended or your appeal has been denied. It simply means that Amazon wants you to make some changes and improve your services.

But, if you are banned from the platform which is actually the dark zone then there is no comeback. One may think of opening a new account but that is actually against the policies of Amazon. This means that there is no real way of getting your account back. Although, this only happens for the most nefarious activities. So, if you are unknowingly in this loop then chances are that you may not reach that level. And that can actually be fixed using an effective Amazon suspension appeal.

Most Common Reason for an Amazon Suspension

If we start to read the terms & conditions of Amazon then it will take some time and a whole lot of confusion. Amazon being the largest ecommerce platform asks to follow so many rules and regulations. This is the reason that the number of Amazon suspension appeals over the time have gone up. In fact, we have been personally seeing a surge in the number of people approaching us for an Amazon suspension appeal. If we go by the handbook of Amazon then there can be a whole lot of reasons. But, all of it can be consolidated into three:

  • The most common reason is the violation of policies Amazon asks you to follow. If you have not been proactive then chances are you may be in policy violation.
  • Your business is taking a deep dive. Amazon doesn’t wish to entertain sellers who have poor sales. Most of the time, there are solid reasons why this is happening? And if you are aware of it then make sure you fix it.
  • Selling a product that is not allowed on the platform. This can also happen with products that infringes IP Policies.

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How do we find the subject of Amazon suspension ?

Without running our heads here and there, the best way to do so is by checking out the notification sent by Amazon. If your account has been suspended for the first time then most likely you may not pay attention to it. But, Amazon makes sure to point out your mistake and that is where we try to help.

Over going through the notification sent by Amazon, we start our work to create your seller account a customized Amazon suspension appeal.

How to prevent Amazon Seller Account Suspension?

Writing an Amazon suspension appeal is an unnecessary fuss when one can simply stay away from the suspension. We are an Amazon suspension appeal service but we also provide our clients with the benefit of suspension prevention. 

Getting your account suspended and then getting it reinstated may seem normal. But, what happens when you lose your business for those couple of days. In fact, this can also sabotage your credibility and the product ranking on the system. Besides that your shop for the time being is closed which means you are not making any money.

We pay close attention to your activities on the platform and guide you through. We try that you are not caught in any malicious activities, be it knowingly or unknowingly. Trust me, a lot of clients feel that they can mess up and hire someone like us. But, it always doesn’t work the way we want especially if the client has been repeating the same mistakes over and over. We make sure that you are not in the wrong and keep a track so that the seller account health is sustained and clients avoid any Amazon suspension appeal.

How do we create a customized Plan of Action for Amazon suspension ?

There are a couple of things that need to be done firsthand. For instance, checking out the notification sent by Amazon upon suspension. Checking out the seller metrics to see how your account has been performing over this time.

In order to make our chances good and create a proper Plan of Action (POA), we try to be as thorough as possible. And, we also try to be apologetic, it is a keyword that can be really powerful.

Well, we have done this quite a decent number of times. We upon understanding everything that has been given to us, try to make a plan that uses these key elements as ingredients:

  • We on your behalf take responsibility for any loss that has occurred. Be it of the platform or the customers or both.
  • Try to make a picture where we make them feel that it is grateful to have a platform like Amazon. And, it is truly an opportunity that we won’t like to mess up.
  • Do not criticise any other sellers products or their services. Amazon does take it due time but suspends anyone who is in violation.
  • And like we said “apologetic” is the keyword.

Other Important Tips

These may seem like a flattery but trust me it is all true in a decent sense. Amazon has actually provided a platform to many for honest trade. It gives ample opportunities to those who wish to make the best of their business. Capability to sell directly to your fellow customers from anywhere is something that anybody wished for. And now when it is a reality instead of being thankful, a lot of sellers simply try to exploit it for short-term goals.

Well, once we have aggregated all the data to construct a decent Amazon suspension appeal, we don’t hurry. It is essential that whatever is being sent to Amazon is of utmost quality. This may seem a little dubious but the reality is that if you miss your first attempt then reinstatement might actually take a whole lot of time.

Other essential ingredients we use to construct proper Amazon Suspension Appeal:
  • We try only to talk about the policies and what is our right. There is no reason to talk about performance metrics when you are suspended. Even if you are giving out blazing numbers, it doesn’t mean anything especially if the concern is different.
  • We make sure that the letter sent by us is not lengthy in nature. Lengthy content takes time to digest and therefore short and crisp is the ideal way to write an Amazon suspension appeal.
  • Instead of using long paragraphs of explanation, we try to structure our amazon suspension appeal using bullet points and numbers. This may seem like a small deal but it makes your amazon appeal letter way more scannable to the appointed Amazon specialist.
  • We try to avoid any additional information and focus only on the issue handed to the client. This doesn’t drive unnecessary attention elsewhere.
  • Our beginning of work is the problem at hand. Instead of playing any blame games to anyone, we make sure that Amazon knows that we understand our offense and will fix it ASAP, and never repeat it again.

Another great tip, we often use is to write an introductory paragraph explaining everything in essence. This may seem a little out of proportion but it works like magic. These are very useful tips while making an Amazon suspension appeal. And, it is generally the format we play within but it is important to note that only the problem at hand will determine how it will be dealt with.

Why do we suggest sellers to go professional for an Suspension Appeal?

Well, this may sound a little bizarre but emotions can be one great reason why your reinstatement may take longer. We meet clients on a daily basis who have been honestly working on the platform. Yet, their account got suspended because they were not aware or simply not proactive enough in this department. 

In fact, we can tell you about clients that simply avoided Amazon’s notification because they were going to stop selling one of their products because of user reviews. Although before they could do anything, Amazon suspended their account. 

There are so many people on the platform that have given so much time to building their business. Getting it taken all away in an instant can be a lot for many. And, it is important to keep yourself composed. And, besides being your first response team upon suspension, we make sure that you don’t get suspended in the first place. We @ APlus Global Ecommerce believe ourselves to be partners with our clients in times of need. Their flourishing business is our success.

Our Ultimate Tips to avoid writing an Amazon Suspension

Yeah, we are a service and we love to get business. But, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to help our fellow Amazon Sellers. We may have different trades but we do understand your problem. And while there are plenty of services out there everyone thinks of giving a fair shot at trying to make an appeal for themselves. There are plenty of things that can be said but it is always better to avoid any suspension. To do so there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Avoid selling any sort of restricted items.

    There are so many sellers who may be doing so but this doesn’t mean that you should. Amazon specifically instructs its sellers against this. Therefore, it is important that you listen carefully if you wish to avoid an Amazon suspension appeal.

  • Try to avoid selling

    products that might seem dubious to you. If the product that you are selling looks like an imitation of some device or its functionality, just try to know the roots of that product. There are loads of people who get their accounts suspended because of IP infringement policies. This is one of the major reasons why so many sellers get their account suspended.

  • Be in contact with a lawyer.

    Of Course running a business means that you may be selling more than one product. This simply means that if you feel anything odd about the product you are selling and wishes to do so then getting consultation is the best thing you can do.

  • Avoid duping your reviews.

    Reviews on Amazon are the key indicator of the quality of your product. Amazon doesn’t want you to try to change them by any means. It’s important that you take those reviews constructively and start to improve your service by simply abiding by them. Customer reviews are the first place where one can look for honest criticism and praise. And if you fail to do so then you may be welcoming an Amazon suspension appeal.

  • Be faithful with your descriptions.

    A lot of sellers describe their product differently while the actual product is not upto that description. If Amazon receives way too many complaints regarding then you may possibly be welcoming an Amazon suspension appeal.

Getting an Amazon suspension appeal may be the worst ordeal one may go through. Although, if you are not capable of handling the situation then you can surely ask us to support you. In terms of age, we are still nascent but in terms of experience, we have some of the most experienced Amazon suspension appeal experts. Our employees have a profound experience in the niche and have years of experience in the field. Apart from that Aplus Global Ecommerce offers other services such as suspension prevention, account health checkup, sales boost, etc. Therefore, if you are looking for a professional service to support you then we may be of help. We hope this may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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