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how to increase sales on amazon

Expert advice on how to increase sales on Amazon in 2021

Have you been googling “How to Increase Sales on Amazon in 2021?” Well, this is no surprise that while Coronavirus affected the world, the sales on Amazon went really high. And, this was something that was bound to happen. Although, what wasn’t expected was the tough competition that one had to face to reach a rank or sustain it for the product listing. Well, here in this article we have tried to cater the best expert advice on how to improve more sales on Amazon. Therefore let’s dive deep into the subject and learn to boost your sales on Amazon.

Tips on How to Increase Sales on amazon

Amazon being an amazing platform is pretty vast. One could almost say that it is a search engine for finding exceptional and compelling products around the world. This means that the system has gone from zero to infinity and the amount of work one could do to improvise is without boundaries. This gives rise to not one or two but many tips & tricks to boost sales on Amazon. Therefore without waiting further let’s start to learn the best tips on how to increase sales on Amazon:

Optimize the Title and Product Description

If you remember the old dictionaries, or if you simply know about them. The way to find the meaning of a particular way was a process. One has to first start looking by the first initial letter of the word and then go to the consecutive unless reaches the end-result. This is the same with searching.

Type of product

When someone enters a particular product, or a particular type of product, the Amazon search algorithm simply searches for a product title and description which is most close to what is being searched. This is the only way a machine is capable of making a search at least for now. Although, there are advanced searching criteria’s but they simply don’t operate on Amazon (at least for now).

Tips to write Title

So the point of this discussion is to make you focus on the title and the description of your product. It needs to be crisp and it needs to be truthful. These are the two basic guidelines of an effective Amazon Product Title and Product description. Other than that one could simply use the formula of Brand Name + Product Name + Features for the title. This works really well and is pretty on point.

Tips to write Description

For the product description make sure you mention all the features. Well, it is the features based on which the customers compare products. Use bullet points to communicate the features better. And be truthful with it. This doesn’t mean you should omit words like Great, Awesome, best etc because they simply adhere to our primal brain when comparing things. But, the point of telling this is that you shouldn’t be claiming anything that your product can’t offer. If this happens there will be more return than purchase and customers at the end of the day will leave poor reviews. Also a poor description can simply stagnate your product ranking during the search making it difficult for you to reach high sales figures.

Register your Brand and Have a Logo

The relation of trademarks and brand logos is directly to our sense of perception and memory recollection. There are so many famous brands our brain associates with logos. Also, the purpose of establishing a brand is to gain more credibility. Think of it like this, you are more likely to purchase from a person you know then the one you don’t. It is important that the product you have is registered because it provides you with that extra bite of trust. Besides that there are other benefits as well. For instance, there are almost zero chances of someone selling a product under your brand name. And if this happens, you can sue them. Other than that it gives you access to A+ Content on Seller central. The feature can be checked on the Advertising dropdown list and it is way more capable in terms of pure text. It can help you get your brand appear way better than the ones who simply use text.

Pay Attention to the Feedback

Ever heard of the phrase “Consumer is King”, well if yes then it is always important to understand what they want. On Amazon, the reviews on your product are the key indicators of quality. It is important that you try to get as many good reviews as possible. But on the other hand, if you truly wish to succeed then work on the criticism provided also. There is no better way to better your service other than simply understand what the customer needs from you. And, the easiest way to know it is by giving a decent look at the feedback. This will not only make you an exceptionally good seller but will also help you increase Amazon Sales.

Beware of the Competitors

The competition can be your biggest ally and enemy. They can tell you what to do right and also what went wrong. In order to stay ahead, it is important that you pay attention to people who rank better than you in the listing. Also, one can take at the lower ranking and avoid what they are doing. Running successfully requires loads of intel and studying your competition is the best way to do it. Apart from that there are serious issues as well. For instance, these days hijacking is a common problem. In fact, there are some sellers who would simply try to sabotage your listing. To read more about dirty tricks on Amazon, you can click on the link here. Also, a lot of people use SKUs and it is a good thing. Although, these can really harm you if you use them in the promotional campaign. Competitors can take note of the lot and cut prices more to give their product a competitive edge. 

What are SKUs?

Just in case, if you are not aware, It is a unique identification code that is used by sellers for their product in the inventory. It is more like assigning a mark to the lot available in your inventory.

Change Product Prices

One may have noticed this, there are so many pages where the price of a smartphone simply doesn’t match the current market rate. See margin is one thing but not changing prices according to the current market is not going to profit you. So be meticulous about this because people are  literally offering promotional offers while you are simply failing to update your product(in a sense). And, this can consequently help boost your sales on Amazon.

Be aware of the Trending Keywords for your Product

The search term for each and every product can change overtime. And, it is a stated fact that ranking for top keywords can be tough. This is the reason one should pay attention to the trending keywords. Why? Well, the online community mostly uses trending keywords. And while the search volume is high on a good keyword, the competition will also be high but for new & trending, it is all about seizing opportunity. This not only applies on Amazon but on Google as well. Think of getting your product recommended to people directly while making a search.

Synchronize that Inventory

Well, there are loads of sellers now who utilize the online way to sell their products. And, there are plenty of sellers who have accounts on more than one e-commerce platform including Amazon. Therefore, it becomes important that you synchronize your inventory. Suppose you sell product A and you are getting orders for the same from multiple e-commerce websites. In this case, it would be better that you simply keep a track of all the orders you are getting for that product. This will help you keep your inventory in unison with the orders you are getting. This also means lower chances of late delivery which in the end leads to good customer service. And, the best answer on how to increase sales on Amazon is simply to fulfill your customer’s needs.

Improve the Photography of your Product 

Looks are everything! at least at the first glance. And, this is something that everyone should keep in retrospect, be it the life or the product. Product marketing has gone way beyond normal measures. These days products are being shot by professionals. And this is not the case with just the big name but even small brands are investing in good product photography. In this time, it is important that you use a product photo that is at least clear and a tad bit attractive.  Providing a snap from your smartphone in poor lightning conditions in any angle whatsoever is not going to give appeal to your product. This tip can actually be a boost to your Amazon sales. An attractive-looking product is always one to be trusted by many. If you product can’t look good on the platform then the chance of it selling is also very low.

Align with Amazon Policies and Term of Conditions

Amazon is highly customer-savvy. This means that most of the policies and terms are created to offer better services to the customers. Also, if you don’t adhere to these policies then it can get your account suspended. And, trust me we deal with seller suspension on a daily basis and you don’t want to be caught on the same loop. So just go through those policies and make sure that you don’t end up breaking them. And also this can help you improve and maintain your product ranking in the long run.

Split Test

It is something of an advanced strategy but can work wonders for many. Whenever we open a page, there are plenty of details with a flow of data that the visitor goes through. In an Amazon product page, there are plenty of things and one can simply change the order and see if it affects the sale. If you get to a point where you actually see a change in sales then you can simply note it down and try to do it with other product pages as well. This type of test is also known as AB Testing.

Use FBA(Fulfilled by Amazon)

How to Increase Sales on Amazon FBA, Boost FBA Sales

If you are anyone in the world then you must have heard about Amazon Prime. Although being a seller makes it almost collateral for you to know about it. Prime is a service provided by Amazon to offer fast and free shipping. There are certain products with a badge of prime that itself works as a certificate of credibility. And, it has been that people pick Prime products faster than the normal ones. So take the advantage on boost your wealth using FBA Sales.

On-Amazon Promotions

Amazon itself provides you with a couple of promotional activities. These activities are namely lightning deals, Deal of the day, Amazon Coupons etc. While running these deals can cost extra bucks to your pocket, the amount of boost they provide can be exponential at times. Whenever someone makes a search on Amazon, these deals are mentioned on the top. This provides much more visibility to your product and also the chances of you increasing sales become higher. 

Off-Amazon Promotions

One can take the benefit of the digital market to promote their offerings. There are plenty of ways using which one can actually showcase their products better and drive traffic to their product page. In fact, there are multiple deal websites that are often eager to push promotional products. Use your head right and it can really help you get your products highlighted in every possible place.

Win the Buy Box

Did you know that other sellers could post their product listing in your product page’s buy box? If not then I must tell you it creates a huge difference in your sale. Amazon wants to provide everything for the cheapest price with the best quality. Recently, a lot of sellers have been complaining about their Amazon listings hijacking. This happens when someone else posts a similar product on your buy box at a cheaper price. This evidently affects your sales and your promotions end up benefiting someone else. To make sure you don’t get affected by it simply try to provide the best price and genuine product. Most of these hijackers either sell products dispatched during promotional events or cheap imitation of your product. If you wish to learn more about Amazon Listing Hijacking then simply click on the link provided.

Use Branding Tools by Amazon

Amazon offers a variety of great tools to help you promote your product better. These tools can give a lot of appeal to your product page considering the competition isn’t using them more effectively. The most common example used for these tools is A+ Content. Besides that there are others as well such as Amazon Storefront, Sponsored Brands, Amazon Attribution etc.

Take benefits of Influencers

In this time and era each there are common people who are influencers. We all are posting content on social media and turning views and likes into opportunities. You don’t have to hire an influencer from the topmost shelf that might cost you your entire business. But rather go for Instagram models, Youtubers, Facebook, etc. These people have a very large community of people following them which means if you have anything unique to offer then you can actually end up creating generous sales. Besides this some of the beginner Youtubers and Instagram Influencers might simply promote for free samples (since they deal with that kind of content). It is something that exponentially increases the reach especially if you are a brand.

Create a Great Buying Experience

If from product to delivery, everything is sorted for the customer then you are surely on the right path. Things have actually turned towards User Engagement/User Experience. If your customer can reach you and talk to you about any inconvenience or grievance then it adds stars to your service. Also, the amount of good reviews that you may get is also a win. Therefore always be open to entertain a customer and you will see a significant improvement in your Amazon sales.

Use Video for your Product

A lot of products these days are being promoted using a video. If you are not doing it then do it. Human mind looks for simple and easily digestible information. And, video is literally no.1 in that pretense. Think of people who have actually become full-blown stars just by creating videos on their smartphones. Having a video for your product is the best way to market it.

Find your Bestseller and double it

Another very obvious trick that people often lose to keep in sight is to check on their bestsellers. Keeping a decent check on the inventory and doubling down on bestsellers can be your answer on How to increase sales on Amazon. So be sure to stay updated and keep your product listing in check.

Use Social Media

A great way to generate more sales on Amazon is to highlight your product on Social Media. You can hire a designer and get social media banners. These banners can be utilized for Social Media Ads. With relevant hashtags and a catching caption, it can get your brand decent recognition and sales at the end of the day.


By now you must have understood that being an Amazon seller is a tough task. And, the best advice in that accord I can give is to outsource. Don’t make your service sloppy instead hire people to solve problems that you cannot. Or simply for which you don’t have time. From handling the inventory to delivery and taking order, everything can be outsourced to other services. All you have to do is manage everything to work in unison. Of course this works best with people who are trying to establish a brand. But for some issues, it is simply better to outsource.  It is not an easy task for anyone to survive on Amazon. Although, if you try to inculcate these tips provided then it might help you with your quest on How to increase sales on Amazon. If you are looking for someone who can help you with all this then we are APlus Global Ecommerce. We are essentially an Amazon suspension appeal service but besides that we also offer services like Product Research, Sourcing of Suppliers, Amazon PPC, Sales Boost (Keyword Targeting), Feedback Strategy, etc. If you are interested then you can visit our homepage and get your first free consultation on How to Increase Sales On Amazon. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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