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There has been a radical shift in the e-commerce landscape. Although, the ones who started the earliest are still having the benefit of ripe trade. Amazon is one of those platforms that pioneered Online shopping. A service started by Jeff Bezos initially started selling books. And, then other sellers were welcome as well. It became an open market for people who were selling different products in different categories.

If you analyze Amazon then you will feel that it is more like a search engine for products. It has almost any kind of gadget or product that one could imagine. Amazon serves as one place for anything. Although, this was achieved by the vast majority of sellers associated with the platform. Very few people from the customer side know about this. But, if you are a seller then you know the amount of competition there is right now.

And, well with everything great that happens, some people wish to reap the benefits earlier. Some customers tried to exploit the platform and sellers who wished to achieve more sales in less time. This made Amazon impose rules and regulations over their customers as well as sellers. But, it is the seller side that gets suspended more often because they are perpetrators of quality. And, if they fail to do so or try any unnecessary means then the platform is liable to suspend their account. In this condition, one can appeal by themselves but it is ideal to look for an Amazon appeal service. Why? Because the chances for getting your account reactivated in less time is much higher at the first instance.

Now to know more about Amazon appeal service and seller account suspension read down below.

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Can I reactivate my seller account without an Amazon appeal service?

This is one of the most common questions that is asked in the Amazon seller community. People who provide services via an Amazon appeal service, are people like you and me. It is not about whether you can do it but about the effectiveness of it. We are an Amazon appeal service and we know that it is no rocket science. Yet, to be effective and precise is something that you should care about. Firstly, Amazon has provided instructions on how to appeal. And, if you are confident enough then go ahead.

But, we would recommend you understand the issue at hand first. Writing an Amazon appeal letter is not tricky but you need to understand the problem and come up with a necessary solution to tackle it. Ideally, when Amazon suspends a seller account, they send the seller a notification. In this notification, they mention the reason why the account got suspended. If you understand it, try to frame a letter telling Amazon how you can solve this problem. And, you must be precise and understand the issue. And last but not the least, don’t panic.

And, if you simply wish to outsource this then you can hire an Amazon appeal service. I can assure you that it is worth your investment especially when you are losing business daily during the suspension.

Reasons behind Amazon Seller Account Suspension

Reasons behind Amazon seller suspension

With the number of increasing products on a platform, the number of reasons why one may get suspended also increases. Why? Because there is more than one way sellers may be in violation. And, with such a large community, it is adamant that there ought to be a list rather than just a few points. Therefore below we have mentioned some really common reasons behind an Amazon seller suspension:

  • Multiple Accounts: If you have multiple seller accounts on Amazon then chances are you may get a suspension. Amazon allows one seller account per individual. The AI algorithm is capable of checking out your credentials. And, if it is matching with another account, one may get a suspension strike and might require an Amazon appeal service.
  • Inappropriate Listing: As per guidelines by Amazon, there are certain products that one can not sell on the platform. This could be country-specific or simply banned by Amazon, throughout the platform. For instance in India selling adult toys is prohibited and therefore no one is allowed to sell them. And, if you are caught selling them on Amazon then your account will get a suspension appeal.
  • Advertising your website: Amazon will allow the selling of different products from different brands having their website. But, it does not allow them to advertise their e-commerce platform. If you are doing it then you might need an Amazon appeal service.
  • Listing Inauthentic Item: If the customers list your product as inauthentic then your account may get suspended. There are so many listings on Amazon that claim to be authentic but are not. If this is the case with your product then I’ll advise you to stop selling it.
  • Listing Counterfeit Item: This one is a no-brainer, selling anything counterfeit is simply illegal. Amazon deems itself credible for all the products that are listed on the platform. If you are someone who is selling anything that you think maybe counterfeit then gain necessary data about the product. And, if possible just stop selling until you gain clarity.
  • Safety Complaints: Amazon is very on point when it comes to safety regulations. If your product infringes that by any chance, make sure you fix it or simply stop selling it. 
  • Images that are restricted: There are plenty of types when it comes to images that are restricted. If you have posted an image that doesn’t seem fit for the platform then take it off. Also, one is not allowed to use the image of someone else’s product. This is one of the most common reasons behind seller suspension. A lot of queries that we receive are regarding this one occurrence. Sellers often use images for which they don’t have permission. If you are doing this then stop, this means you are infringing the IP policies and would require an Amazon appeal service.
  • Used item Sold: Amazon does allow selling used items but in the category of refurbished. If you are selling a used item as new then a bad customer review can take you on the cusp of suspension. Avoid this and make sure everything you sell is fresh as a breeze.
  • Expired items: Amazon is also home to perishable items. Amazon is usually known for gadgets but it also sells a multitude of other products. If you are selling a product that has expired then it can be a big red flag. You must keep a check of the products that you are delivering. Make sure you treat Amazon as any legitimate business. It is possible to get reinstatement but such activities make the task difficult for an Amazon appeal service as well.
  • Item not sold as described: Product description is a much bigger issue. Understandably, one has to fight tough competition. Yet, it is no reason to find shortcuts when the platform highly despises it. A lot of sellers describe the product’s capabilities much more exaggerated than they should be. If you are getting negative feedback for it then it is completely your fault. A description is meant to showcase your product in the most right and truthful way. And trust me, it is the way to have a smooth business experience on the platform. Therefore, if you don’t wish to hire an Amazon appeal service specifically for reinstatement then avoid it at all cost.
  • High Order Defect Rate: ODR or Order Defect Rate is the percentage of defective orders being shipped by you. It is a serious offense in the eyes of the platform. Ideally, Amazon only allows an ODR not higher than 1%. Therefore, if you are getting any complaint regarding a defective product, make sure you mend it before time.
  • High negative customer experience (NCX): Customer reviews are the mirror of the kind of service you are providing your customers. If you are consistently getting bad reviews chances are the product is at fault. If this is happening to you then take immediate action. Ideally, as an Amazon appeal service, we ask our clients to do the same. It is easier to change what you are selling than lose your seller account.

So these were some of the most common reasons behind a seller suspension. If you suspect that your account may infringe anyone among it then do check for it ASAP. Besides this, there are often times when an account is suspended for multiple reasons. It can be difficult to troubleshoot it but make your audit as thorough as possible. And act on it ASAP, leaving it to fix for the future might get you a strike. It has happened with some of our customers in the past and it can happen with you too.

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How can Our Appeal Service help You?

Amazon Appeal Letter

When talking about Amazon appeal service, appeal letter plays the major role in it. Amazon appeal letter is the sole communication between you and Amazon that can get your account reinstated. If it is not landed in the right direction then it may take some time. Essentially, this is the reason why so many people hire an Amazon Appeal Service. As stated before, it is easier to get your account reinstated in the first attempt. Otherwise, it can take a whole lot of time and can end up losing you loads of business.

Now, if we further talk on the matter then an Amazon appeal letter is the main dish but the core ingredient is the Plan of Action. A plan of action is the rightful steps that we’ll take to fix the issue notified by Amazon. To do so, there are a couple of things we pay attention to:

  • Read the notification sent by Amazon carefully.
  • Get a clear idea about the issue at hand and how your account is in violation.
  • Now create the necessary steps, how you will be fixing them.

It is a lot more elaborate than this but those steps are the core ingredients. Also, every reinstatement is unique, therefore, it becomes important that we pay attention to each & every reinstatement differently. Although, our experience with these always makes it easy for us to handle any request.

Explore Our Amazon Suspension Appeal Services

After we are done creating a plan of action for a particular query, we move on to writing an Amazon appeal letter. It is like any other letter yet a little different. The intention is to speak as much as possible in as little as possible. And on top of it, be a little structured. Therefore, below are some of the practices that we follow:

  • Concise & Precise: As mentioned above,” Speak more with fewer words”. There are so many appeals that Amazon gets on a daily basis. Therefore, it becomes important that we mention everything in the easiest way possible. And try to make it short enough for the representative to read easily.
  • Plan of Action: Since we have already come up with a plan of action, now it is time to explain it properly. We try to use bullet points to increase the effectiveness when it comes to scanning the letter. And on top of it, every point is a clear indication of what steps we are going to take.
  • Structure: Every written content is a piece of a story that has a narrative. We are saying this because the narration is important. We make sure we mention everything in order and take each & every issue one by one explaining how it will be dealt with.
  • Intonation: It is important to keep the tone of the letter in check. One has to understand that the capability to sell on Amazon is an opportunity. Keeping this thought, the entire letter is constructed. It is important to understand that these rules & regulations are for the sellers themselves in the long run. If you are an honest hard working individual trying to make your living the right way then you will understand why this happens.

As an Amazon appeal service, we take the construction of the appeal very seriously. This is one of our core responsibilities and we do take it very personally.

Ideal Time for Reinstatement of Seller Account

There is no specificity with the time. As mentioned before every reinstatement is unique in its own sense. We have seen times when our appeal letters have reinstated accounts within 24 hrs. Although, if a client is coming to us privy trying a letter for reinstatement, the reinstatement might take some time. With Amazon appeals, first-time’s the charm, therefore, make sure that the amazon appeal letter is good enough for the very first time itself.

How to avoid account suspension in the future?

There are two ways one can do this. The first is to be proactive about each and everything. The second is to hire an Amazon appeal service. There are plenty of services including us that provide suspension prevention. There is no doubt that it can be troublesome to handle multiple duties at once. This is the reason why so many sellers outsource the maintenance of their seller account health to Amazon appeal services.

If you are someone who is looking for an Amazon appeal service then maybe we can help. We offer services like Seller suspension prevention, regular account health checkups, and sales boost. Therefore, if you are interested then get your free consultation by clicking here.

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