Why hire an Amazon Account Specialist for reinstatement?[Amazon Account]

Hiring anyone for anything is difficult enough. Whether it be for app development or simply digital marketing. But, today in this article, we will be catering to a whole different league of jobs. As the title suggests, today we will be focusing on hiring an Amazon Account Specialist. What are his/her duties? And how having one can help you load? The job itself is quite new since it deals with Amazon Accounts specifically. Although, it is relevant to know about it, especially if you are an Amazon Seller. Therefore, let’s dive in and first try to understand what actually an Amazon Account Specialist is?

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Who is an Amazon Account Specialist?

An Amazon Account Specialist is someone who knows each and everything about Amazon Accounts. He/she is capable of troubleshooting all your queries. And, He/she can be the biggest strength of any Amazon Seller. 

An Amazon Account Specialist is basically a guiding hand for every stone and impediment that comes your way. He/she makes sure that you as a seller are not making any mistakes. And, in fact, can help in various activities such as account creation, product listings, and most importantly reinstatement, in case of Amazon account suspension. 

If you are an Amazon seller then it is important for you to have an Amazon Account Specialist. He/she is just like your family doctor but instead of checking your health, a specialist will keep every ordeal related to your Amazon account in good health. At large, an Amazon Account Specialist works as a consultant for your Amazon Account and its legitimacy at every step.

Benefits of Hiring an Amazon Account Specialist

Having a flourishing business on Amazon is one of the hot jobs. There are so many people who believe that Amazon sells everything from their inventory. Quite the contrary, it is people like you and me that are selling their product. 

Amazon simply provides a platform and takes a certain commission for providing its service. But, it is important to know that since Amazon is putting its credibility on your product, the platform wants to make sure that everything that you sell is legitimate and authentic. 

This is understood by everyone but on the contrary, the list of policies can be very long. In fact, it is often cumbersome to fulfill everything by heart. Therefore, it is important to have an Amazon Account Specialist by your side. 

An Amazon Account Specialist will assess your account and make sure that you are not in the wrong. In fact, Hiring an Amazon Amazon Account Specialist has several benefits. Some of the benefits have been listed below:

  • Credibility: It is important to understand when you hire a professional, the kind of work that one might get would be professional. Hiring an Amazon Account Specialist will make sure that you get enough bang for your buck. It will ensure that problems that one might face with the Amazon seller account will get a reasonable remedy. In fact, an Amazon Account Specialist is more than capable of mitigating any issues.
  • Domain Knowledge: Suppose, if you are business personnel. And, you have been trading for years, the kind of domain knowledge you might be having about the business in your niche would account for something. Likewise, an amazon account specialist deals with issues related to Amazon Accounts or Amazon seller accounts on a daily basis. This makes their grasp over the subject matter way more accountable than an average user or an average seller.
  • Support: Paying for any service means that you and the specialist both are bound by contractual law. This means the other party will receive its due compensation while you will get the benefit of the service. Having an Amazon Account Specialist will smoothen all the adversaries that might come your way. And at every pedestal, you will have support from someone who already has a higher aptitude for situations like these.
  • Money: Now, this seems a little surprising, How would the money be affected especially when you are also paying the specialist?. The answer to this would be the time taken by Amazon to fulfill your request at every step. Suppose for some XYZ reason your account got suspended. This could be tedious and can sometimes take days or weeks. With the support of an Amazon Account Specialist, the whole process would be completed with ease. And, this, in turn, will get your account reinstated within the least span of time. And, hence you will be up and running your business without taking a toll on your profit. Profits that you might have lost without because of your inability to sell on the platform because your Amazon Account Suspended.

There are a variety of tasks and duties that are fulfilled by an Amazon Account Specialist. To know more read down below.

Task & Duties of an Amazon Account Specialist

The job or the services that provide Amazon Account Specialist are quite nascent in the market. It is a very niche job and so a lot many people might not understand it well. In essence, as I told you before, an Amazon Account Specialist simply works as a consultant. But, there are several duties that are bestowed upon him/her. If you are thinking of considering one for your Amazon account, below are the tasks & duties of an Amazon Account Specialist:

  • Account Health Checkup: Creating an Amazon Account for selling is not the only thing. One has to keep a tab of how it is performing and whether it is in allegiance with all the policies. An Amazon Account Specialist can be a helpful aid in this task. A proper health checkup will involve things like Order Defect Reduction, Dispatch Management, Customer Service Approval, and Handling Pre-fulfillment. It is important to understand that a healthy account equals a healthy business.
  • Amazon Suspension Prevention: Going through the list of Policies set by Amazon can be tiresome. Although having an understanding and abiding by them is the only true thing that can help your account from not getting suspended in the future. There are a series of performance metrics that need to be catered to beforehand to avoid any hindrance to the business. Some of these are mentioned as Inauthentic Claim, Counterfeit Claim, Order Defect, Uses Item Sold, Copyright infringement, etc.
  • Identifying the Issue: Just in case your amazon seller suspension, the letter from Amazon will itself identify the issue. But, this doesn’t mean that one as a seller is capable of reaching to the roots of it. An Amazon Account Specialist will help you identify that. Not only that, he/she is also capable of providing a remedy to that underlying issue.
  • Developing Plan of Action: Developing a Plan of Action is half the work whenever an Amazon account is suspended. An Amazon Account Specialist is the one who understands how to develop a plausible plan of action that’ll get you reinstated in no time. This requires an effective assemblage of tasks that the Amazon seller will take to prevent the prevailing issue mentioned by Amazon. A lot of people in haste send a poor plan of action, and in turn, their account takes forever to reinstate.
  • Amazon Suspension Appeal: Before doing anything, the amazon account specialist handling your account will send an Amazon suspension appeal. It is the first step to anything that starts from your side to get your account reinstated.
  • Writing Amazon Appeal Letter: Words have the power to change worlds, and well it has. But, here we are only talking about your Amazon account. And, it is important to write a letter that is effective in dealing with the subject matter. An Amazon Account Specialist understands this well, and, therefore, frame a letter that makes your case a lot stronger in comparison.
  • Helping with Queries: There are so many queries one might have with their Amazon Account. Being an expert, an Amazon Account Specialist will help you with any query that you might have. It is a work identical to a consultant, therefore, it is one of the most important duties of an Amazon Account Specialist.
  • Getting Reinstated ASAP: One’s heart can skip a beat if one’s livelihood is dependent on something and it suspends for any reason. An Amazon Account Specialist considers this as his prime duty to get your account reinstated as soon as possible. Since, he/she understands that with every passing time, you might be losing the prospective business that may have come your way.

How to determine a good Amazon Account Specialist?

The niche of service is relatively new, therefore, it is hard to find anyone accountable with ease. There are multiple amazon appeal service out there that claim to serve you and get your account reinstated within 24 hours or so. This may sound tempting to anyone who is going through the issue. Although, the reality is that it sometimes can take a lot more. If there is anyone who is making false promises at the first instance, then beware. Although, it also doesn’t mean that he/she may be completely lying. Therefore, to determine a good Amazon Account Specialist or service, below are the following metrics.

  • The number of cases handled by your Amazon Account Specialist in the past. This means that the one handling your case is experienced enough.
  • Does the service you are approaching for Amazon Account Specialist provide money-back guarantee? Having this as an option means that the service has enough confidence in itself. This is a positive sign.
  • The number of revisions provided at the package provided. 
  • Initial Consultation for your issue is also a good sign of hiring someone for the subject matter.
  • Does the expert feel informative in regards to your stated issue?

P.S: APlus Global Ecommerce is an early startup. Although, the people working with us have years of experience in the field.

Freelancer vs Amazon Reinstatement Service – Amazon Account Specialist

There is a freelance market for everything. And, yes it seems relatively cheap. Although, everything that looks gold may not be it. Having a freelancer might save you money but it doesn’t guarantee anything. With a proper Amazon Appeal Service, the company is accountable for anything that happens whatsoever. A freelancer might come with its own benefits but having a service hired means more credibility. This also means that there is someone who is not running and is easy to contact & comply with. A service can provide you with confidence that a freelancer may not be able to provide. And, since it is about your bread and butter, it is better to hire someone who makes sure that the work is getting completed at the end of the day.

Hiring anyone for any task can be difficult but having the right knowledge in the right direction helps tonnes. We at Aplus Global Ecommerce want our clients to be happy. For us, a happy client is a flourishing business. We understand your problem and understand the pain of getting your account suspended. We try to provide you with the best Amazon Account Specialist to help you with your case. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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