Terms of Service


These terms of service entails the rights and obligations between you and APlus Global Ecommerce.

Read the agreement carefully before agreeing to pay the fee for our services. If you are not able to understand any part or have any questions then feel free to ask us for assistance. We advise you to take as much time as needed to understand the service offered by us.

  1. Glossary

Agreement”: It is the agreement between you and us.

Service”: It is the type of service chosen by you.

You”: The customer or the one who has purchased our services.

Us”, “Our”, “We”: APlus Global Ecommerce

  1. Appointment

2.1. You appointed US upon an agreed service and We agreed to provide the intended service as per terms & conditions.

2.2. As soon as you purchase the service, the agreement between us is initiated.

  1. Our Services

3.1. We will provide our services based on the information provided by you, and any communication between your seller account and Amazon

3.2. Your payment for the service is not liable to a guaranteed reinstatement.

  1. What We Do

4.1. We will act upon the issue as soon as possible based on the information provided by you.

4.2. We provide instructions to deal with Amazon. It is your responsibility to follow them as best as possible.

4.3. Our services will be provided to you until our term of service has ended.

  1. What We Don’t Do

5.1. We do not provide any kind of legal advice.

5.2. We are not liable for any legal action taken against you for any fraudulent activity.

5.3. We do not claim any guarantee for any suspension in the future once our term has ended.

  1. What You must do

6.1. We rely on the information provided by you. You must provide all the information and the original documents (if asked) best to your knowledge. Any issue arising beyond the info provided is strictly not liable on us.

6.2. You must make sure that you maintain reasonable communication with us during our term of service for better efficacy. We can contact you by mail, phone, fax, or letter. Please make sure not to ignore us or it may lead to inefficient service to which we won’t be liable upon constantly approaching.

6.3. To abide by Amazon policies and regulations is your duty. 

  1. How to Terminate the Agreement

7.1. You can always cancel your agreement with us. To us so all you need to do is send us a mail at info@aplusglobalecommerce.com regarding cancellation

  1. How We can terminate the Agreement

8.1. The agreement can be terminated from our side prior to 14 days of notice. Below are the following cases where we are liable to terminate this agreement.

8.2. You have infringed the terms & Conditions.

8.3. The information provided by you is either incorrect or fraudulent.

8.4. There has been no correspondence from your side for 6 months(as a whole).

  1. General Terms

9.1. This Agreement with You is governed by the laws of India. Any dispute to the Agreement shall be dealt with by any court in India.

  1. Dealing with Complaints

We intend to provide our services to the highest standard. This is why we value your feedback a lot.

It is important that you let us know that whenever you are unsatisfied with the service so that we can make amends and improve what we have to offer.

We will try to respond as quickly as possible for any query or issue and will take matters in our hand to make it right as per the agreement.

Our process for taking Complaints

Please follow this procedure to help resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Required details for the complaint:

In order to make a complaint provide the following information asked below.

  • Your name and email address
  • A clear description of your complaint or concerns
  • Details of how you would like us to rectify the situation

How to make a complaint to us?

​Send your details along with the complaint at info@aplusglobalecommerce.com

Refund and Cancellation

APlus Global Ecommerce does not issue any refund after the service has been provided. It is your responsibility to understand the refund policies during the purchase.

But in exceptional circumstances, we may take a necessary action in regards to the kind of service we offer.

We will honor a refund in the following conditions:

  • If you are unable to get the desired service upon incapability to send a message because of your email provider. In this situation, we recommend you to contact ASAP for assistance. The claims will be submitted to the customer service department in writing. The writing should be provided within 2 days of placing an order or the service will be considered received.
  • If you are unable to get the desired nature of service as agreed upon. In such an issue you are liable to contact the Customer Service Department within 2 days of the date of purchase. You are liable to provide clear evidence against your purchased service and its description. If the complaint seems false or fraudulent then it won’t be entertained or honored.
  • You can apply for a refund in case you have made the purchase but before you receive the intended service. You can send the request along with the reason for the refund.

We are always eager to assist and make the best of every opportunity we have to help you!!!

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