Account Health Check

Account Health Check

Just like a human body needs regular health checkups to grow and develop and live a long life, a business account also needs a regular checkup of its ‘ health’. As the ultimate aim of any business is to grow and prosper through steady progress in sales, it is extremely important to have this growth without any breaks or hindrances. A good seller account health is equal to a good sale. However, keeping up with the various metrics of seller account health can be a difficult task. This becomes even more complicated due to the vast market of the online business. To have support to guide and assist you in maintaining a balance between limited Order Defect Rate, Late Dispatch rate, and Pre-fulfilment cancellation rate and getting a good sale can be a huge boost to the business and would in long term prevent suspension of the account.

Our team helps you keep the health of your Amazon account in check and advise you to maintain the correct measures of the following parameters:

  1. Order defect reduction guidelines
  2. Dispatch management
  3. Customer service approach
  4. Handling pre-fulfillment cancellation

Account health check not only keeps the growth of the enterprise steady, it also helps sustain a good relationship with the customers. The APlus Global team is committed to making the e-commerce business as smooth as possible for all.

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