Reinstate my Amazon Seller Account – How Reinstatement Services can Help?

reinstate my amazon seller account

Amazon Seller Account Reinstatement

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce website. It has helped thousands of sellers around the world. In fact, A lot of Amazon sellers have made a decent fortune using the platform. But, there are conditions that the seller needs to meet. Whenever a seller violates these conditions, Amazon suspends their account.

There can be many reasons behind the suspension. Although, the first question that comes first is, “How do I reinstate my Amazon seller account”. To help you with this, there are Reinstatement Services. These services can help reinstate any suspended Amazon Seller Account

Although, before knowing how these services can help you. It is important to understand some common reasons behind the suspension of any Amazon Seller Account.

Reasons behind Amazon Account Suspension 







There can be many reasons behind the suspension of an Amazon Seller Account. Below we have mentioned some of the most common ones:

  • Selling Prohibited Items: Some of these items include products in categories like Alcohol, Explosives, Fine Art, Tobacco, etc. There is a list of categories. To reach it, click on the link here.
  • Selling Counterfeit Items: Amazon doesn’t allow selling of imitation or any counterfeit item.
  • Creating a new account: After the suspension of the previous one.
  • Selling used Items: Amazon does allow selling of refurbished items. Although, it is not allowed to sell these products as new. This is one reason to have the question reinstate my Amazon Seller Account.
  • Negative Feedback: This is one of the most important reasons. Feedback’s are generally used for improving the service. If an Amazon Seller Account has many negative feedback then it might get suspended.

There are many other reasons because of which Amazon might suspend an account. Also, it is important to know that it may not be necessary that one might be in violation of these. Many times Amazon misconstrues a seller account in violation of their rules and regulation.

This happens as there are so many Seller Profiles. And this often leads to questions like “How do I reinstate my Amazon Seller Account”. Well, this is the reason we are here for.

How Reinstatement Services like APlus Global Ecommerce can help? 

Reinstatement Services specializes in helping sellers reinstate their seller account. These services can guide you through the entire process. And, can also help in creating a plausible Plan of Action. It is important that you first try to know the reason behind the suspension of your account. Taking this into consideration, a reinstatement service will help you at each step.

This will start from a letter of appeal, a description of the problem, and how to mitigate the problem. Reinstatement Services knows how to deal with these issues professionally. 

“How do I reinstate my Amazon Seller Account”, this is the very first question in situations like these. But, It is often cumbersome for anyone to deal with legal matters.

A lot of times, one may not be in the wrong and it would have been a misunderstanding. Yet, the entire deal becomes complicated because of a lack of understanding and knowledge. We at APlus Global Ecommerce understand and that is why we try to work as partners with our clients in their time of need.

How to write an Amazon Appeal Letter to reinstate a Seller Account?

Amazon caters to thousands of sellers all around the world. There isn’t anything that one cannot buy or sell on the platforms. This is the reason why to uphold quality, Amazon has a list of policies.

Being a seller on Amazon, one has to make sure that he/she is not in violation of them. However, if your account has been suspended, an effective amazon appeal letter is the only tool that will help you the most with account reinstatement.

Therefore, to help people with their reinstatement and writing of amazon appeal letter, we @ APlus Global Ecommerce have come up with some effective strategies to write an Amazon Appeal Letter. 

Effective Strategies to write an Amazon Appeal Letter 

There are several points in this that one needs to follow before and after an appeal. These effective strategies are as follows: 

Step-1: Understand Why your Amazon Account Got Suspended 

You must be someone who is trying to do business and trying to uphold everything by heart. Although, there are so many clauses and changes made to the platform.

These are to make sure that Amazon has all the quality sellers on the platform. In simple words, people who are selling what they are advertising on their seller page. 

The reason for suspension will be mentioned in the first line of the account suspension email. It is important that you pay attention to it and don’t reply to it in a jiffy.

Step-2: Drafting an Appeal 

Since, now you are aware the reason behind the suspension, the first thing should be to draft an Amazon Appeal Letter. Drafting it and thinking it through after multiple revision will ensure transparency and good intent between you and Amazon. This will also help your case further in the future. 

Step-3: Plan of Action 

Amazon Account suspension generally happens because of policy violation or poor performance. If it is the previous one then take no time to resolve it(if possible). Although to cater the later one, it is important to create a plan.

This is symbiotically good for you as a seller and Amazon. Without a decent Plan of Action, a letter for Appeal will lack substance. Therefore, it is the most crucial part of this whole ordeal. 

Step-4: Submission of Amazon Appeal Letter 

The letter can be submitted by logging in Amazon Seller Central. The letter can also be sent via an email. Although, if you are doing it via email then make sure to use the registered id used for the Amazon seller account.

Also, before the submission, make sure you have paid attention to what has been written in step-1,2, and 3. The better you understand the problem and the process to mitigate it, the better it will help you reinstate your Amazon Seller Account. 

Step-5: Just Wait….. 

This step requires the most patience. There are higher chances of getting your account reinstated within 24 hours, at least for the first few times.

This is only, if you have paid close attention to the suspension email. And also came up with a plausible plan to help fix it. If this is your fourth or fifth time, it is better to bring experts to help you. There are reinstatement services that can help you with your account suspension. 

It is often troublesome to get your account reinstated once again. A good Amazon Appeal Letter is simply a document of your intent to fix that is asked of. It is better not to lose hope and try. If one is having trouble then APlus Global Ecommerce is fully capable of helping. But at the end, it is you who has to make everything right.

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