Best Strategies to avoid Amazon Seller Suspension

Best Strategies to avoid Amazon Seller Suspension

Everyone likes to ripe a fruit before its time. Everyone wants instant success. And everyone is looking for easy money. But everyone knows that there is nothing as easy money.

It is a stated fact that Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in the world. One simply has to ask this question,” Which e-commerce platform is the leader in online shopping”, and most likely the answer you’ll get is Amazon. And, this applies to almost every nation. But this also means that there are a multitude of businessmen involved. And that means Amazon seller suspension and amazon suspension appeal. ( Related Answer : How to avoid Amazon seller suspension )

Why? Well, the more the number of people involved with the platform, the more will be the number of Amazon seller suspensions. Amazon to maintain the quality of its product applies policies that the sellers need to follow meticulously. And, if you are reading this article then you are most likely one or thinking of becoming one. It is not an easy road on Amazon to go scot-free with cheating the system. But, there are often times when even the AI algorithm of Amazon makes mistakes. One can not vouch for a system that is artificial and gets its power from complex code. Yet, one can always check if they are making any mistakes or unintentionally violating the policies of Amazon. Mistakes from Amazon’s side can be reprimanded but mistakes that you make can have consequences. Therefore below are some of the best strategies to avoid Amazon seller suspension.

How to not get suspended on Amazon – Amazon Seller Suspension evasive Strategies

There is a lot more that one has to do to keep floating as a seller on Amazon. This doesn’t mean that these strategies are difficult to follow. But, they surely require your undivided attention. This is the reason why there are so many services offering to manage your seller account for such discrepancies. Therefore, below are some of the best evasive strategies to avoid Amazon seller suspension.

Provide Documentation to your Best Knowledge

Everyone has read the phrase,” I hereby declare that the information provided is best to my knowledge”. If you haven’t then it is time that you read it and take it seriously. Otherwise, it might lead to Amazon seller suspension and you will be busy brainstorming an Amazon appeal letter. Make sure that you upload genuine documents. The information provided by one should match with government-authorized documents. Documents such as driver’s license, passport, bank statement, etc. It is also important that you upload clear copies. If that isn’t the case then Amazon might not even accept your seller account request. And, if you have cleared that phase then make sure there aren’t any mistakes. And, if there are then get them fixed ASAP.

Follow Amazon Policies and Guidelines with your Whole Heart

We have already discussed this a bit. Although to take it further, one must make sure that they abide by every possible policy and guidelines subjected to them. Amazon constantly updates its policies. And as a seller, it is your responsibility to stay on your toes and see that you are not in violation. A lot of people willfully do it and some are simply ignorant of the fact. Although, if you are in violation then you are simply welcoming an Amazon seller suspension.

Avoid Problematic Products

Amazon being the platform it offers a variety of categories. And in these categories, there are thousands of different products. This often creates a grey area in understanding. One might think that they can sell anything on the platform. Yet, some things are either banned or simply infringing the intellectual property policies. If you wish to know more about Amazon intellectual property policy then click on the link here and read our article. Although, this story intends that you refrain from selling any product that may be in violation by any means. And, if you still wish to do it then it is better that you consult a lawyer to do so. This is one of the most common reasons behind an Amazon seller suspension

Products with Negative Feedback

It is highly unlike for an Amazon seller to be the manufacturer. This doesn’t mean that manufacturers do not directly sell their products on Amazon. But in most cases either someone is a distributor or a wholesaler. If not that then a common vendor. Whatever he/she may be, it is important to pay attention to products with bad reviews. As we said earlier, Amazon pays huge attention to the quality of products. Therefore, if the reviews that you are getting for your product are bad then it is better either to fix that or simply stop selling it. It won’t be long and you’ll get your Amazon account suspended. And, Amazon will ask for a proper Plan of action and an amazon suspension appeal.

Be Proactive

Being proactive is a quality that is often common among winners. It’s not about intellect or money. To run anything successfully, one needs to fail to understand what success is. But philosophy aside, this is simply not the case with Amazon. Quite the contrary, the platform itself likes to keep you on your toes with their regulations. If you are someone who likes to self analyze then it is likely that you may not receive an Amazon seller suspension. Fixing a mistake before the platform asks is the best ordeal. And even if by any chance you had to write an Amazon suspension appeal then most likely it won’t take you long to reinstate your account.

Check the Keywords Used

There are plenty of things for which Amazon can penalize your seller account. If you are messing up with your product description then it is an offense that won’t be taken lightly. A lot of people use keywords or phrases that are completely false for the product they are offering. Or simply fake the capability of their product in the description. If you are doing that then it can lead to an Amazon seller suspension. This also creates bad reviews for your product making it problematic for you to sell. Make sure that whatever is written about the product you sell, is 100% true. Amazon doesn’t want any sort of exaggeration. It doesn’t mean that you can not market your product and call it great. But, it simply states the fact that make promises that your product can deliver. Otherwise, you might be searching for the best strategies to write an Amazon suspension appeal.

Amazon Sales Velocity Suspension

The first question that one might ask is,” What is Amazon Sales Velocity”. It is simply when you have a higher conversion rate. This means that you are selling decently and shipping products in an impressive number. This means a higher rating and ranking on the platform. And it gives rise to an effect that gets you more sales. How? Well, your product is being mentioned at the top, this means more customer attention. This could be the result of many effective strategies. Although, if this velocity metric doesn’t match with your feedback history then Amazon might put your account on hold. One might also get an Amazon seller suspension. In this situation, it is better to check why you are not receiving any reviews. And, if there are no issues at your end then simply send a well-structured Amazon suspension appeal.

Maintain Good Seller Performance

Maintaining a good seller performance is key to the platform. You must do everything rightful in your power to generate sales. A poor seller performance for a longer period can get you an Amazon seller suspension. This is not always the case but you and Amazon want the same things in this part i.e. better sales.

Dirty selling tactics

There are so many Joe’s out there preaching dirty selling tactics on Amazon. If you want to know more about them then read our article here. Although to get you an idea, in brief, many people try to find shortcuts on Amazon to have better sales. But, the fact of the matter is that humans can be fooled(because of emotional 

quotient) but an AI program simply follows its code instructions. Previously systems weren’t powerful enough to keep a check on the seller habits and seller account activity. But now these systems are advanced enough to even nit-pick. This means that one may achieve success by using selling hacks but the system will soon pick what you have done. And this will lead you to the part where Amazon seller suspension happens.

Use Emails

This is simply an added point. It is always great to maintain a good customer relationship. Using emails to communicate with your clients in times of any delay or issue is important. This can get you extra brownie points for the effort. It has been seen that it can also amplify sales at times. It is still not that common, yet, some customers recognize sellers on Amazon. This simply started to happen because of good reviews and a little assertiveness from the seller’s side. Also responding to reviews(be it good or bad) can elevate your relationship with customers. As a businessman, you must understand and solve your customer queries and needs. 

Outsource Work that you can’t Handle

There are so many tasks and hardships related to completing a single shipment. And, if by any means, you aren’t capable of providing the best performance, outsource it. This goes for shipping, packaging, and even drop shipping(but with certain regulations). At the end of the day, a happy customer is a flourishing business. If you wish to keep your seller account health in check and avoid amazon seller suspension then you can outsource that part to us. We are APlus Global Ecommerce and we help people with reinstating their seller account. You can also call us an Amazon Appeal Service because that is a major part of our services. Other than that we also offer services that can prevent seller suspension. And, we also provide customized Plan of Action and amazon suspension appeal as per your business needs on Amazon.

If you aren’t careful with your business then it is very easy to get an Amazon seller suspension. Although with careful and healthy practices, one can simply avoid it. We understand your problems as a seller on Amazon since we deal with our client’s issues daily. Yet, we find this our duty to spread awareness in the community. Although, if you want to trust us as your support then you can simply check our services and send us a query using our home page. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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