Amazon Account Suspended for Late Shipment?

Amazon Seller Account Suspended

Amazon Seller Account Suspended

How would you feel if someone punishes you for a mistake that you haven’t made? Yeah….I know awful but this can often be the case for Amazon sellers. Amazon has always been adamant on providing the best customer experience. This is the reason sellers are endowed with so many regulations and policies. Yet there are times when the sellers are not at fault. One such key scenario is Amazon Late Shipment Rate. Often a lot of sellers end-up getting their seller account suspended. And this is an impending problem for the people operating in the industry.

If you wish to learn about what Amazon Late Shipment is and how you can avoid the same pitfall then this article is exclusively for you.

What is Amazon Late Shipment Rate?

Now to begin with, it is important to understand what Amazon Late Shipment is?

Amazon Late Shipment happens when a seller ships a particular order late or as identified by the Amazon system. This can often be confusing for beginner sellers. For instance shipping happens when the order leaves the warehouse. And delivery is fulfilled when the order reaches the customer. It is important to know this because this is the prime reason behind Amazon Late Delivery. It is obvious, if the seller is unable to ship an order on time then he will be delivering it late to the customer. Amazon Late Shipment but the Late Shipment Rate or LSR because of which seller accounts are suspended.

 As stated by Amazon, “The Late Shipment Rate (LSR) represents orders ship confirmed after the expected ship date as a percentage of total orders

In a simplified language, it is the percentage of orders that are shipped after the expected shipping date over the total orders that are shipped.

Amazon Late Shipment Rate can be calculated by using the following formula below:

LSR = Numbers of Orders Shipped/Total Shipped Order * 100

Amazon Late Shipment Policy

As per the Amazon Late Shipment Policy, the LSR is calculated from 10 to 30 days of rolling period. And, the seller is required to maintain a rate below 4%. If a seller fails to maintain a rate below 4% then his/her account can end-up getting deactivated or suspended. 

This is the point that every seller wishes to avoid. In fact, we get so many seller clients who are suffering from the same plight. In order to reinstate your seller account it is important that you come up with a Plan of Action. This plan of action is going to be the core ingredient of your Amazon Appeal Letter.

Ways to Avoid Amazon Late Shipment

There can be multiple reasons behind a Late Shipment. But in order to mitigate this problem, one needs to know how it can be dealt with. It is important that you confirm the orders of your customer before or on the expected shipment date. By this, the buyers will be able to see the status of their order creating a better customer experience for them. As mentioned before, your order will be considered shipped late if the date of confirmation for shipment is after the expected shipping date.

LSR is an important Amazon metric and it is important to keep this in check to keep good engagement with your customer. This will also help you avoid suspension in the long run. 

Now below are ways how you can avoid Amazon Late Shipment:

  • Avoid listing orders that you may not be able to ship on or before the intended date.
  • Confirm the shipment as soon as possible after the shipment has left the warehouse. A lot of sellers laze around and it is usually not the shipping but the confirmation that the shipment has been sent. For this, you have to prompt this as early as possible or almost immediate if possible.
  • Keep a check on your order review and see to it that you are not failing in delivering any of the fulfillment(based on the shipping type i.e. Standard, Prime….)
  • Try to create a realistic time delivery experience for your customers by adjusting the handling time.
  • Always be prepared for the peak time of your product’s sale. For instance: The number of sales for Air-conditioners are higher during the acute summer season.
  • If you are eligible for Buy box and planning for the same then be sure to have enough product number in your warehouse to meet increased demands.

Note: Below are questions that are more frequently asked. Also these can help you manage your shipment and avoid suspension because of it.

How to confirm shipments on Amazon?

In order to confirm shipment of an order, one needs to have following things:

  • Carrier
  • Shipping Date
  • Shipping Service – The method you use to ship the order.
  • Tracking ID – This ID will be provided to you by the Carrier.
  • Address of the Warehouse from where the order is being shipped.

Steps to confirm one order for Single Shipment:

  • Look for Manage orders.
  • Now click on Confirm Shipment in the action column.
  • Once the shipment order page opens, enter the following details: Carrier, Shipping Date, Shipping Service, Tracking ID, and Address of the warehouse.
  • Now click on Confirm Shipment at the bottom.

Steps to confirm one order for Multiple Shipment:

  • Follow the steps mentioned above, once you click on the Confirm Shipment go ahead and click on Add a package.
  • Now go to the dropdown menu by the name Items in Package. From there select the number of products in that order.
  • Now enter details: Carrier, Shipping Date, Shipping Service, Tracking ID, and Address of the Warehouse.
  • Finally, click on Confirm Shipment.

Note: You can add a note in the seller memo for your reference.

Also, once you are done adding the required number of items in the package, the remaining will be adjusted automatically to the other package.

How to Adjust handling time and delivery time on Amazon?

Once an order is made by the customer, Amazon provides an estimated time for the the order to reach the customer. This time can be adjusted better to give real time report to the customers. Below are the steps and how you can do it.

Steps to Update your default handling time:

  • Visit Seller Central.
  • Once on the page look for settings and from it select shipping settings.
  • From there goto General Shipping Settings.
  • There scroll down to the Handling and then click on the edit button.
  • Select the days i.e 1 or 2. Go Ahead and Save it.

Steps to modify the handling time on Individual Product:

  • Visit Seller central.
  • From there click on the Inventory button. Now go to Manage Inventory.
  • Search the order for which you wish to change the time then click on the edit button.
  • Now look for the Handling Time and enter the handling time you wish to provide.
  • Finally, click Save and finish.

Note: If you wish to know in detail about this then click on the link here.

Amazon Plan of Action – Late Shipment

The plan of action for any suspension appeal is the strategy by which you will deal with the issue at hand and avoid it in future. In this case, it is Amazon Late Shipment. There can be a plethora of reasons behind your high LSR. 

This can be dealt two ways: Either you do it yourself or hire a professional for the same. Each and every suspension is unique and therefore needs to be addressed considerately. If you can deal with the issue at hand then come up with the strategy yourself. And if not then hiring a reinstatement company is going to be your best bet. One can discuss a plausible Plan of Action and take action over the same.

Note: It is important to prove that your Plan of Action will also work in the future.

How to Appeal for Amazon Late Shipment?

For this, you need to come up with an Amazon Appeal Letter for your Late Shipment.

To come up with an effective Amazon appeal letter you can follow the strategies below:

Be concise

Make sure you don’t beat around the bush. The Amazon representative can understand your personal plight. But, they receive thousands of requests on a daily basis. Therefore sharing your personal grievance is not going to cut the deal. Instead state the facts, stick to telling the issues, and how you have resolved them.


It is important that you pay attention to the structure. A lot of people don’t really understand structure. But in simple language, it is simply the flow of data and its division throughout a letter. If you can keep the structure intact then you have a much higher chance of getting reinstated.

State the changes done effectively

Get rid of fluff, and stick to the point. It is important that you give a remorseful vibe from your letter. Yet! Focus on all the changes that are amended by you to avoid the pertaining problem. Be clear with what you did to avoid the issue now and how you will be avoiding it in the future.

Use Bullet Points

It is essential to use bullet-points. Bullet points make the info provided by you much more scannable. Therefore, it is essential that you use them whenever necessary.

And last but not the least, explain your Plan of Action effectively. It is also essential that you take all the plausible action beforehand. And fix all the issues at hand. The amendments made are the substance to your Amazon suspension appeal. Without that it would all be fluff.

Now I believe you must be ready to send your Amazon Suspension Appeal for Late Shipment Rate. But, if you are not then it is better to hire professionals. It is important to consider this proposal considering it is easier to get reinstated at the first attempt. This is a fact that most of the sellers are well acquainted with. If you think that your attempt can end-up losing you both time and money then don’t refrain from it.

We are an Amazon Reinstatement Service and we deal with issues like this on a daily basis. In fact for us, reinstating our clients for Amazon Late Shipment Rate is a daily task. We will provide you with the necessary Amazon Suspension Appeal and will guide you through the process of making your reinstatement ASAP. Besides this, we also offer services like Product Research, Sales Boost, Feedback Strategy etc. So you can visit our homepage by clicking on the link provided and get your first free consultation by filling the form.

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