Amazon Buyer Account Onhold[Suspended] – What to do?[Updated 2020]

Amazon buyer account on hold

Amazon Buyer Account Onhold

This ( Amazon Buyer Account Suspension ) might come off as a joke to many that Amazon suspends their customer’s buyer accounts. It is understandable since why would Amazon do that.

The platform is running because of the buyers. And, why would a service stop its own customers from purchasing. Well, there are multiple reasons behind it.

We have written this account to help people who have got their buyer account suspended. And because of their buyer account suspension, they cannot use their seller account. Although, if your Amazon Buyer Account is on hold then also this article can help you.

Note: APlus Global Ecommerce deals with problems related to seller account reinstatement. If your seller account is affected because of your buyer account then we are at your service.

Difference between Amazon Buyer and Seller Account

If you have ever done shopping on Amazon, this means that you have a buyer account. Although, this doesn’t mean that you will have a seller account as well. For that one, you must ask Amazon to activate the service.

All you have to do is use the “Sell Yours” button. It is quite easy to become a seller on Amazon but this needs approval.

But before fulfilling your request, Amazon will ask for some confidential data. For instance your credit card information, tax information, and some banking information. It is important to note that seller accounts are more rigorously regulated.

Amazon has a variety of policies to save their customers from fraudulent activities. If you are willfully on the wrong side then it might be difficult for you to get away. But, if it is a genuine mistake and you wish to fix that ASAP then Amazon will help you do so.

If it doesn’t work then there are Amazon Appeal Service that can help. They guide you in multiple aspects. For instance Amazon Appeal Letter, Amazon Seller Suspension, Amazon Suspension Appeal, and more.

Note: These services only help you if you have a seller account associated with the buyer account.

What is Amazon Buyer Account Suspension?

Amazon Buyer Account Suspended is the scenario where Amazon suspends your account. This is very rare but can happen for a decent number of reasons. It is important to know that if your Amazon buyer account is linked to your seller account. If that is the case then chances are you might not be able to sell your products.

In case of an Amazon Account Suspension, there are two situations. One would be that your account is closed upon request or simply because of the violation of any policy subjugated over you. Otherwise, you may have been banned from the service. This is serious since it means that you may have committed a serious violation and this is worrisome. If it is something that you think you may not be able to tackle then hire professionals.

Why do you need an Amazon Buyer account to Sell on Amazon?

The platform “Amazon” only allows one seller account to an individual. This means having more than one seller account would be considered a fraud. But, this doesn’t mean you cannot have more than one buyer account. But, there is always a buyer account associated with an Amazon seller account. Although, it’s not necessary to use the associated buyer account. In fact, one is allowed to have a separate buyer account.

It is seen that using the buyer account associated with your seller account can create problems. But, this doesn’t mean that you are on the wrong side. Amazon sometimes arbitrarily suspends buyer accounts. And, if the Amazon buyer account associated with your seller account gets suspended, then chances are you may not be able to access it.

This means that you will be getting emails for orders but won’t be able to deliver without reinstating your buyer’s account.

There can be a multitude of reasons why Amazon may have suspended your account. To know more read down the reasons below.

Why is my Amazon Buyer Account Suspended?

We mention every now and then that Amazon is a very big service. So to maintain their credibility, they impose a decent number of policies on its sellers as well as buyers. There are multiple reasons behind your Amazon Buyer Account Suspension.

Some of the most common ones have been mentioned down below:

  • We mentioned it before that Amazon might arbitrarily suspend your account. This happens because Amazon uses their AI program to deal with the vast majority of buyer accounts. An AI program is pre-fed with data to fetch accounts that may be in violation. This can happen with anyone and it simply means that your account has been kept on suspension for further review.
  • There are times when people ignorantly put wrong personal data. If that is the case then getting your account reinstated should not be a big deal. However, if you have done it willfully then it might get tough for you to get reinstated.
  • Amazon is always looking for fraudulent activities. This happens most commonly in Nigeria. The buyers might use trickery to purchase expensive electronic items using a gift card. This same trickery has also been spotted in China and India. Therefore, if you are someone who lives in these countries then please avoid using a gift card. This might cause your Amazon buyer account suspension.

Other Important Reasons

  • A mismatch of information can also be the reason behind it. In multiple cases, people who have stolen other people’s credit cards used them for shopping on Amazon. And their credit card details were not matching their billing address. By doing this, the customer also makes the AI algorithm feel that the credit card they are using might be stolen.
  • Changing your account details and billing address for no reason whatsoever can get your account suspended.
  • If you already have a suspended account then opening another one with the same info might get that one suspended too. It is better that you reinstate your original account rather than using the same data to open another one.
  • Be consistent with your signing in and IP Address. Too many different IP Addresses can get your buyer account suspended.
  • Don’t make multiple orders of expensive electronics. For that Amazon has a separate platform that specifically deals with business. Also make sure that if you do it by any chance, you are not using gift cards. This is a serious trigger for the service to put your account on hold for review.
  • Using Credit Cards that have been stolen or gift cards from a promo site or purchased using Bitcoin can get your account suspended.
  • Last but not least, violation of policies is the number one reason why Amazon would suspend your account.

Is it Possible to open an alternate Amazon Buyer Account upon Suspension?

It is possible to do so but Amazon often suspends these accounts as well. This happens because the user uses the same details as that of the previous one. Once, your account gets suspended then it is important to get it reinstated ASAP. Amazon has loads of tech to figure out that the same user has been trying to access the service but using another account. For that, it is important to use a different alias but even that won’t work for long since it requires changing of information such as mobile number, name, billing address, etc. Therefore, the most ideal way to open an alternate account is simply to get your original one reinstated.

Amazon Buyer Account Suspended – How to get it back?

If you are deliberately in the wrong then things might not be so welcoming for you. Although, on the other hand, if this is a mistake then compose yourself. It is important to understand what went wrong? And how will you deal with it? To simply deal with the situation there are a series of steps that one needs to follow.

But before doing anything, it is important that you stay calm and composed. This will make sure that you are responding in your right mind. Remember anyone can make mistakes especially if they are unaware of it. Knowing & fixing that mistake should be your ultimate goal. Now to get your buyer account reinstated,

follow the steps below:

  • Know your mistake by reading the notification for account suspension sent by Amazon. Most likely, you will get the actual reason then and there. Just make sure that whatever they have sent is true or not. If it is then you may be in violation of their policies but it might also mean(if not deliberate) that Amazon wants you to fix that. If that is not the case then simply tell them that they are in the wrong and you haven’t committed any offense.
  • They might ask you for information that may be sensitive in nature if they are in the wrong. Otherwise, you might be asked to acknowledge what you have done and how will you be fixing it. Whatever you do, just don’t lose your cool, and make sure that you agree to them whole heartily especially if it was not intentional.
  • If your violation wasn’t serious then within 48 hrs, the account will get reinstated(upon amending the changes asked by Amazon). However, if that is not the case, you can contact them on their number which can be accessed using your Amazon profile. Also, they might ask for some verification via fax. Make sure you complete the deed using a fax service or a fax machine.
  • In case, if your issue is still pending then contact them again. Also, ask them the amount of time that will be needed to complete the process of reinstatement.

If your account is not reinstated by now then you might be in some serious offense. After this either any dedicated service that deals with Amazon suspension appeal or staff in Amazon with higher designation might help.

Should you hire someone for Amazon Buyer Account Suspension?

Hiring someone especially if your seller account is associated with your buyer account would be the right ordeal. Why? Well, there is a lot in line. Make sure you work with people who know and understand your problem. An Amazon reinstatement service will guide you through the entire process and will draft the entire plan of action.

We at Aplus Global Ecommerce work with different clients with different problems. And, if your Amazon buyer account suspension takes over your bread and butter, it is better to hire people who know how to deal with this situation properly.

Do’s and Don’ts to avoid Amazon Buyer Account Suspension.

“Prevention is better than cure”, is an old saying and applies flawlessly in a plethora of situations. However tedious this may feel, understanding the importance of abiding with do’s and don’ts is always fruitful. Especially, if the suspension of your buyer’s account affects your seller account(if you have one). Therefore, below is the list of things one should be doing and not:

  • Always use your credit card or debit card to purchase anything expensive. Also, avoid shopping for anything expensive using a gift card.
  • If you are living in countries like Nigeria, India, China, etc where fraudulent use of gift cards is common then simply avoid using gift cards for purchasing expensive items.
  • For purchasing anything in bulk use an Amazon Business Account. It is a separate service that is used for this purpose specifically.
  • Fill in all the personal information correctly best to your knowledge. Avoid using your friend’s or relative’s info by any means. This is a big red flag and one should absolutely abstain from it.
  • Don’t store Amazon gifts even if they have been gifted by someone you know.
  • Usage of prepaid cards and virtual cards is strictly prohibited in the terms & conditions of Amazon.
  • Avoid having multiple shipping addresses.
  • Don’t order similar items in large quantities and if you do then simply use a business account.
  • Avoid using someone else’s credit card to shop online.
  • Make sure you have enough funds to activate any Amazon Service.
  • Avoid logging in from different IP Addresses frequently. Also, avoid shopping from countries that make them suspicious.

Amazon buyer account reinstated By Aplus Global Ecommerce

These were the ordeals that will either get your Amazon buyer account reinstated or will help stay away from that mess. Amazon is a great portal that has almost everything one can imagine. Even, if you are not a seller on it, this can create enough problems considering the availability of any niche product.

It is important to deal with any difficult situation with the right attitude. Also getting yourself reinstated is not rocket science especially if you are nowhere in the wrong. And, if by any means you need help then APlus Global Ecommerce helps people with their seller account issues. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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