Requirement of Amazon to reinstate Selling Privileges [in 2021]

Amazon Appeal The Removal of Selling Privileges

Amazon Appeal The Removal of Selling Privileges

Have you searched for the Query, “Amazon Appeal The Removal of Selling Privileges” on Google?

If yes then we surely understand your problem. Having your selling privileges revoked on Amazon is a tough one. Especially, if this has happened to you for the very first time then the worry is justified.

Thinking about the fact that suddenly one loses the right to his/her bread and butter is nerve wrecking. Amazon is a very big platform and while it offers ample opportunities to innumerable sellers around the world, it also has the power to take it away.

Amazon being the biggest online e-commerce website has some reputation to maintain globally. The website is trusted by literally millions of people. Therefore in order to maintain quality, the website asks their sellers to abide by some rules and regulations. And, violation of these might get your Amazon account suspended.

This is one of the most common reasons why anyone would ask about Amazon suspension appeal or Amazon Appeal letter . Well, these are obvious things and stating the obvious may not help you. But, either your efforts or Amazon Appeal Service or the collaboration of the two might do the magic.

Although, before making any efforts to ratify your selling privileges, do you know what Seller Central Hub is? If not then it is better for you to get an idea about it.

What is the Seller Central Hub of Amazon?

Amazon Seller Central or Seller Central Hub of Amazon is a service dedicated to the sellers on Amazon. It is a service using which anyone can apply to become an Amazon Seller.

This is also the first place that one needs to visit, once their account is suspended. It is an essential to all the sellers on Amazon since it can get one some real good insight on how they might reinstate their Amazon Seller Account

P.S: Although, if you have tried everything then APlus Global Commerce can help you reinstate your Amazon Seller Account.

Common Mistakes for Selling Privileges removal on Amazon

Amazon selling privileges got suspended






It is important to understand that not being able to hold the Amazon policies is an honest mistake. There is a lot of information at times for the seller to succumb. Therefore, if your Amazon selling privileges got suspended, this doesn’t mean you are necessarily at fault. There are times when Amazon might have made a mistake. This happens since they are catering to so many sellers on their platform. Anyways, if this has happened then below are some of the common mistakes Amazon Seller makes.

Common Mistakes Amazon Seller makes

Policies for Shipping

Amazon is very particular with their shipping services. In fact, they have a dedicated service(Amazon Prime) that does the same. Although, if a seller’s product is continuously late, never received, damaged, or with any issue whatsoever then Amazon might take your right to sell. But keep this in mind that this only happens if this consistently happens. It has got nothing to do with once in a while complains.

Product Description

Amazon keeps a keen eye on the description of your product. It is important that you only sell products, the way they are advertised. If there is any problem with the listing by any means, this might take away your selling privileges on Amazon.


In any given scenario, communication is key. Amazon is one among the platforms that truly transformed the e-commerce space. This meant that the website always catered and communicated well to its customers.

A good client-seller relationship is expected of you. If the communication is problematic because of any reason, this spoils the image of the platform. Therefore, it is highly likely that one might lose his selling privileges on Amazon.

Selling Prohibited Products

If by any means, Amazon finds you selling products that are prohibited, the chances are you may not be able to retain your selling privileges on Amazon. There is a list of products that one needs to know about. These products are strictly forbidden to be sold in any way on the platform.

Out of Stock Status

If the product that you offer is consistently out of stock then chances are you may not be able to sell on Amazon. Amazon makes sure that there is nothing listed on the website with the “not available” tag for a very long time.

This creates a negative image as per the company, therefore, the service expects people to work their work and keep those inventories full.

Note: In order to reach the list of items that are forbidden by Amazon, click on the link here.

Immediate tasks for Amazon Selling Privileges reinstatement

There are a series of tasks that one needs to complete, the moment when they know  about their Amazon Account Suspended. To know them, read down below:

  • Read the notification provided by Amazon regarding the Amazon seller suspension. Whatever is mentioned there, it is the reason why this is happening to you. It is both important to read and understand since in one way, Amazon is actually trying to improve you as a seller.
  • The Amazon Seller should check out the entire supply chain. By doing so one can get an idea about the things that might slow down the process. It is important to come up with ways to improve your service. Also, one can think of practices that might improve the experience of the customer.
  • Complete reading of seller policies might help. This might also get you an idea on where you actually violated them. 
  • A decent Plan of Action is the most important feat. A lot of people are often unable to come up with a plausible plan. And, this is where services like our’s ( APlus Global Commerce) come into play. A decent plan of action is a way using which you will change the narrative of your service and improve on your previous mistakes. By this Amazon simply wants to know how you will both increase the rate of sales and the quality of the goods being sold.
  • Lastly, the Amazon seller needs to send the detailed plan of action. Make sure that you don’t get your hopes down, just because the reply turned slow. In fact, if this has happened with you often(which is common) then chances are it might take a while. Although, without filing any sort of petition or request, how can you expect it to come true.

What is an effective Plan of Action for Amazon Seller Suspension?

The whole shenanigan is about you following the policies of Amazon by heart. This may seem like a task but on the other hand, it ensures more engagement in the long term. Therefore to write an effective Plan of Action, first read the policies of Amazon for seller privileges.

Then the second part consists of mitigating the problem. By now, you must know enough about what has gone wrong. Paying attention to the notification by Amazon and reading policies is all that one needs.

Adding to it, coming up with a decent series of steps that might help you rectify your mistake is the whole ordeal. It becomes essential that you pay attention only to solving the problem.

This simply means products that are of decent quantity for their prices, are identical to the description, and most importantly reach on time to the customer. Keeping all this in mind, the last thing you might need would be a wordsmith.

Getting your selling privileges taken by Amazon is often very tiring and stressful. But, this doesn’t mean that you bother yourself to the core. It is something that happens to people more than once. It is important to be in the shoe of Amazon to understand it better. And, to be someone who rectifies his mistake.

There is so much that you can do at your end. Although, if you are unable then APlus Global Commerce is there to help you with your Amazon Seller Suspension and Amazon Appeal Letter. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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