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Dear Client! Thank You For Being an A+ Seller Protection Customer. Please Renew Your Subscription For a Monthly Basis.

All Sellers know that Amazon’s policies are getting strict day by day especially when Sellers are doing DropShipping. A+ Seller protection will lower your chances of deactivation and will give you an edge by acting promptly on Account Health Related issues.

Why Is A+ Seller Protection Important?

Everyone knows that Amazon Suspensions are the real deal. 3 out of 10 Accounts do not get activated even after submitting multiple Appeals. If an Account is suspended, you spend $1k -$2k on each suspension, and still, there is no GUARANTEE that you will be activated. A+ Seller Protection will save your time and money, and it will also decrease your chances of suspension to 80% which Every seller is looking for. A+ Seller Protection is acting as a Lifeline for all the Amazon Sellers.


Suspension Probability Decreased By 80%

All the policy violations will be dealt with promptly which will decrease the suspension probability automatically


Account Health In Excellent Status

To the point Shipping performance and customer service performance will keep the account health in excellent Status


Coverage For Future Suspensions

If you get suspended even after dealing with all the issues promptly. You will be covered for future Suspension.

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